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Lewis Bros: Wayne and Jonathan, Melessa Pierce and L'john Epps. Atlantic Starr FanPage

Listen as DJ Carmie Interviews Atlantic Starr, discussing the incredible group who were well known for creating the incredible hits "Secret lovers" and "Always". Find out about the life of the members of group. Also find out about the future projects in the makings. Get to hear what advice The Lewis Brothers have to offer independent artists in today's world and what it takes to get them motivated to continue to entertain their fans down to this day!

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The Bright light of Atlantic Starr has not diminished! If anything…it’s gotten even brighter! Atlantic Starr still delivers earthy sensual ballads, but has now added surprisingly hot dance oriented music, that will penetrate the ears of new comers, and fan base followers alike, to become even greater supporters of their new sound. Atlantic Starr’s enticing ballads like, “Am I Dreaming” and “If your heart isn’t in it”, are very much a part of this new musical adventure, with songs like the first single: “My best friend” and “I’ve Fallen In Love”, performed by Melessa Pierce, and L’ john Epps, captures the essence of the “lovers pursuit”, with soothing voices that accents each note, with total feeling and lots of meaning! A flash in the past, with a bit of the new… Atlantic Starr puts to rest the myth, that they only do ballads. Even the lease inclined to move to the beat, will be snapping their fingers and patting their feet!

What Atlantic Starr set out to accomplish in their new musical presentation, is to make the people say, “they are back and better than ever’! This latest endeavor can easily be listened to, from track to track, from their original fan base, while at the same time, crossing over generational boundaries and maintaining popularity and acceptance.

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