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April Whitaker

The term 1Love 1House is rooted from House Music. House Music was born in Chicago as well as this production company and TV show. We encourage people (especially youth) to embrace non violent and non degrading music while advocating House Music. Watch the beginning episodes of the show on the YouTube Channel to see how we pay homage to Don Cornelius with the 1Love1HouseTV Soul Train Line. 


Stay Tuned Here to Follow Our Journey!

Maverick Atkins

Hello I'm Maverick Atkins born and raised in Chicago il. I was born in music business .My great uncle Sam Lay Rock&Roll inductee 2015.. I always had ear for music but I love the business side more. I started my own management company called Elite Inc Management..I worked with groups like Subway, 702 and Dru Hill..But know i took on a different aspects writing.. One day my daughter said there nothing good on tv so as good father i created and wrote Tv show called Geometry and Cartoon Movie The Krickets..Hope u enjoy the trailer...

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Tina Jetter

Tina Jetter Continues to Add Credits To Her Acting Resume

Ms. Jetter’s long resume includes “The News,” a film about a couple that have to share life changing secrets with each other, a heart tugging film called “Bad Judgments,” for which she wrote and won a best actress award, and “A Sub In The Brick City,” where she played along side Taral Hicks.​ “Am I Crazy,” about schizophrenia and manipulation, is her most dramatic work.

Upcoming works include a movie called ​When you hear satan knocking by Chris Johnson.A Web series called Adopted by RJ Veney. Another web series Plan B Sediments of the city by Timothy Wright.​

two indie films called “Candles in the Wind” by ​Mo ​Woods and “North Housing Authority​ by Crystal Deniro Simmons,​and “Friends of Rome​ by Gaba Ado​​

As a young, black woman, Jetter created a brand on her own terms which has created a multitude of opportunities in a sometimes polarized film business. She has received many accolades including various awards for screenwriting and acting and also has been featured in CinéWomen and several media outlets.

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About Tina Jet​t​er
At the age of four, Tina Jetter started acting. Years of experience translated Tina Jetter into becoming a young, prolific writer in the age of independent producing. As an independent filmmaker, she has developed a multi-faceted skills set which includes directing, editing, and cinematography. At this time, Jetter describes herself "as jack of all trades planning to master each and every one” and wishes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

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Hello my name is Christopher D'andre Williams I'm a actor/filmmaker. My latest film "Luther Von Shaft" is a great piece of mine that shows me behind and in front of the camera. Publicity would be awesome as its on its way to film festivals.

Christopher D'andre Williams was born June 19th 1991. He got bitten by the acting bug early and has continued to keep at it. Credits include HBO's Boardwalk Empire, New York Raining music Video. He then got the filmmaking bug. He studied for an intensive year at the New York Film Academy. Since then he Wrote and directed award winning short "The Audition" as well as a Taratinoesc short "Relentless Scoundrels" which premiered at the Urban Action Showcase as well as Culver City Film Festival in Culver City California. Christopher inspirations are artists that go above and beyond and give their all in everything they do. Primary inspiration is Quentin Tarantino. Christopher recently wrote and directed a short film titled “Luther Von Shaft”. The film premiered at the Crown Height Film Festival in Brooklyn October 28th 2016. Christopher Williams continues to act and create work proving to the world he's a force of talent to be reckoned with.

A native of Grand Rapids, Moe McCoy is a filmmaker, philanthropist and well-known hip-hop artist. The owner of Team Fireproof, a film-making company, he has traveled throughout the United States advancing his career and sharing his talent with the masses. Some places he has lived include Colorado, Mississippi, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida and several cities in California including Oakland and Sacramento.

Now back in Grand Rapids, McCoy has launched the Fireproof Radio Show. Presently this show can be heard on 94.9FM every Thursday, but he hopes to take the show national on XM radio soon. The show includes two disc jockeys and a comedian, along with McCoy as the main host. Doug Sims is also involved in this project in the area of video production and photography. In the future, McCoy plans to add professionals in the area of marketing and promotions to the team.

McCoy is involved in many ventures in both entertainment and marketing. This includes an upcoming movie entitled The Perfect Romance. Before producing this movie, McCoy took lessons learned from the making of his previous film, Tomorrow’s Never Promised. A romantic comedy, The Perfect Romance is the brainchild of Brandon Queshawn. In this movie, Queshawn functions as the star, co-producer, writer and co-director. It is a lighthearted, fun story which involves a radio host who is a ladies man. After being approached by a co-worker and challenged to be truthful, he finds himself in trouble with his many women. Released Christmas day, McCoy believes it will send everyone away happy.

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